Two Over Ten Issue #1 Cover

Two Over Ten

Casey O'Beirne was just an average 17-year old living in Ireland until the day she awoke a half-world away to discover she was far from average. In fact, she was beyond what any woman could ever imagine of herself at all.

Two Over Ten (the mini-series) is your look into a world you thought you knew, where ordinary individuals live their lives blind to just how special they are until a cosmic mistake upsets the natural order of things every once-in-a-while. It's a world that exists because you're already living in it. Have you been given back what's rightfully yours? If so, then expect to meet Casey soon.

Just don't expect to remember.


Fade From Blue

Follow the lives of four young women brought together through tragedy. And held together through love.

Four women.
One missing father.
Bonded by his blood.
Sisters through his sins.


Far From Saints

What do you do when life turns its' back on you? Simple. You become God!

With a pink slip in one hand and a 'Dear John' letter in the other, Dorian was a conniving jerk who ran away from New York before it could keep crapping down his throat, only to find himself at a stationary store in the middle of nowhere. Now this three-time loser's being offered the job of a lifetime: to become part of a group of other miscreants who run the entire show behind-the-scenes for God.

Far From Saints follows our anti-hero and the decisions he makes that may shake the boundaries by which we understand humanity. Or then again, maybe not. It's time to put up or shut up for ol' Dorian.


...pray to God he shuts up.