Myatt Murphy

has written over 500+ features for over 40+ national magazines,  including GQ, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Men's Fitness, Glamour,  Esquire, Men's Health, Newsweek, Outside, and Success.

When he's not  fooling editors into thinking he can write, Myatt spends his free time convincing people he's not Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum's vertically-challenged brother (poor, clean-shaven fool!)


Scott Dalrymple

attended two years of the Joe Kubert School before his coffers ran dry and he decided the best way to break into comic books was simply to start doing them.  His work has also been in Wizard (issue #20) where Bart Sears himself told Scott his characters were too rubbery.

Four years and $20,000 worth of therapy later, he's proud to say his characters are a lot harder and stiffer now (although we really don't want to know what that means.)


Chris Rhoads

spent most of his penciling time on issues 1-3 of Two Over Ten trying to figure out new ways of sneaking in pictures of himself and references of his kids.

 When he's not designing books for Rodale Press and drawing comics, Chris spends his days wondering what happened to Flock of Seagulls, the tail hairstyle and other 80's novelties that help him fondly remember his youth.


Jay Davis

is a former graduate of the Joe Kubert Art School (Look closely in Wizard 44 and you'll see our   famed inker taking a drag off a Marlboro on the steps of the school.) 

He didn't have time to write anything else about himself for this bio, but fortunately, bitching about that fact seems to have done a good job filling up space so no harm, no foul!


Jon Addison

had absolutely nothing to do with any of Second 2 Some Studios comics, but he did design this website for dirt so we had to give him props.

Plus, it lets us post this sketch of him so it's easier to goof on how much he resembles Bobby from 'King of the Hill' (and no, we didn't hire Bill Sienkiewicz to draw him.)