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(Feb. '04) Sequential Tart grills Myatt about the influence of ex-girlfriends in his work.

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(Jun. '03) Fade From Blue #7 review from Scoop!

(May. '03) "Murphy has a talent for dealing with some of the cringe-inducing things in life in ways that strip them of their awkwardness and make readers smile."

(May. '03) "Buy Fade from Blue! Buy Fade from Blue!" says Rebecca Henely from Sequential Tart

(Apr. '03)  Second 2 Some Studios receives "A Site Deserving of Wider Recognition" award from Scoop

(Apr. '03) Second 2 Some and Christa's Guide mentioned at DePaulia.com

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(Jan. 26, '03) Fade From Blue #1-5 review from Andrew Duncan, 4-Color Review

(Jan. 1, '03) Fade From Blue #3 review from Rebecca Henely, Sequential Tart

(Dec. 20, '02) Myatt and Scott at last years first-ever MOCCA show

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(Nov. 20, '02) Far From Saints #1 review from Silver Bullet Comics

(Nov. '02)  Comics Worth Reading calls Fade "one of the best deals in comics!"

(Oct. '02)  Myatt Murphy gets interviewed on Kevin Smith's website (Movie Poop Shoot)

(Oct. '02) "One of those rare comics that I can't wait to read!" says Jen Contino about Fade #3!

(Sept. 24, '02) Fade From Blue #1 makes #9 on Mile High Comic's Top Ten most wanted comics!

(Sept 19, '02) Dave Potter from Savant calls Fade "easily the best entertainment dollar you will spend!"

(Sept. 12, '02) Fade #3 nails how comics should be written, according to Randy Lander's The Fourth Rail!

(Sept. 11, '02) Fanboy Planet calls Fade #3 "The absolute best value in comics!"

(Sept. 8, '02) CBR's amazing review of Fade From Blue #3!

(Sept. '02)  Scott's Interview with Sequential Tart!

(Sept. '02)  Fade From Blue gets "top honor" from Diamond in their "Under the Reading Lamp" section!

(Aug. 25, '02) Four Color Review says "black and white books rarely look THIS colorful!" about Fade!

(Aug. 17, '02) CBR talks to Myatt and previews 7 pages of Fade From Blue #2

(Aug. 15, '02) Another 4-Star review of Fade From Blue #2!

(Aug. '02) Sequential Tart interviews Myatt and describes Fade as the "amazingly cool slice-of-life-with-a-twist series!"

(Aug. '02) Fade From Blue #2 scores 9/10! "One of those comics you shouldn't be missing!'

(Aug. '02) Fade From Blue #1 also scores 9/10! Scott's art gets some well-repected praise

(Jul. 20, '02) "One of the more intricately and wonderfully written comics on the stands right now", according to Savant.  Read on!

(Jul. 17, '02) Fade From Blue #2 (4 out of 5 stars and "artwork better than half that found in mainstream comics!") Check it out!!!

(Jul. 15, '02) Fade From Blue #1 gets 4 out of 4 stars!

(Jul. 11, '02) Fade From Blue #2 scores an "8" out of 10 with The Fourth Rail!

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