The Pulse catches up with Second 2 Some Studios

(Apr. 22, '04) Crack reporter Jen Contino drills Myatt about the future of Fade, his upcoming children's book and the Two Over Ten movie deal.

Murphy talks about screenwriting and comics

(Apr. 22, '04) "Dayna Van Buskirk and UGO Screenwriter's Voice spoke with Murphy about "Two Over Ten", it's destiny on the big screen as Unleashed, and the value of the comic book world to aspiring screenwriters."

Comic Book Resources talks to Myatt and Platinum Studios about the future of "Unleashed: The Movie"

-Dave Richards, Contributing Writer CBR

Everyone that's reported on Two Over Ten's movie deal!
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Newsarama interviews Myatt about his recent movie deal and the future
of Two Over Ten

(Apr. 05, '04) "With an already respectable resume, Myatt Murphy has recently added one more achievement to his list."

-Matt Brady, Newsarama

The Official "Unleashed" Movie Page by Platinum Studios!



(Mar. 11, '04) "Since the Catwoman movie has yet to hit screens and leave a sour taste in audiences' collective mouths, comic book properties are still a relatively hot commodity in Hollywood. Which is good news for Platinum Studios..."

-Dave Davis,

"Two Over Ten" to be "Unleashed"

(Mar. 11, '04) "Platinum Studios is bringing another comic to the big screen, developing a feature film based on characters from the graphic novel "Two Over Ten" by Myatt Murphy. Unleashed, which creative executive Aaron Severson is leading the development on, may be only the first step, as Platinum has plans to further develop characters and stories from the property for film and TV." 

-UGO Screenwriter's Voice News

Alan David Doane reviews Fade From Blue #2

(July 17, '02) "When you add a thoughtful script, distinct characters and above-average artwork that tells the story well, you've got a book that deserves your attention."

-Alan David Doane, Simply Comics

Troy Brownfield interviews Myatt Murphy for Newsarama

(Dec. 11, '03) "Itís hard to get into any reasonable conversation about the work going on at Second to Some Studios without first acknowledging two crucial elements. For one thing, writer Myatt Murphy and artist Scott Dalrymple have already been Eisner-nominated as Talents Deserving of Wider Recognition for Fade From Blue. And for another, Murphyís adventures in journalism are a worthy tale in their own right."

-Troy Brownfield, Newsarama

Movie Poop Shoot thinks Fade should be a motion picture! Read the details!

(Sept. 2, '03) "Somewhere out there is a smart producer whoís going to read this and realize how perfect an HBO or Showtime style TV series would be with this material. I hope that producerís reading this column. Grade: A-"

-Mark Mason, Movie Poop Shoot

Comic Book Resources spotlights Scott and Myatt before the Eisners!

(July 9, '03) "Two men tell the story of four half-sisters exploring the mystery of how their mothers died in 'Fade from Blue.' Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple are profiled in the second in a five part series covering this year's nominees for the Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition Eisner award."

-Beau Yarbrough, Comic Book Resources

Ian Ascher of Digital Webbing sits down for a interview with Myatt!

(July 6, '03) Myatt Murphy recently sat down with Ian Ascher from Digital Webbing to discuss how Myatt wanted to become a writer, Fade From Blue and much more!  Check it out!!!

ST's Rebecca Henely gives fade its' greatest compliment yet... in our opinion!

(July 1, '03) "Christa Shermont is quite possibly the funniest female character in comics since the She-Hulk!"

-Rebecca Henely, Sequential Tart


Newsarama calls Fade a Diamond in the rough!

(Jun. 28, 03)"There is a familiar realism to the stories that makes the work ring true. Scratch the surface of the women you know and you might find these kinds of stories, alternately silly and serious. These are the kinds of stories that will stay with you."

-Mike Sangiacomo, Newsarama

#1 Comic Book Fan Named:  Sean Kleefeld

(Jun. '03) S2S Studio's friend and fan Sean Kleefeld wins the title of the FCBD #1 Comic Book Fan and gives Christa's Guide major props! Congrats and thanks Sean!!!

-Jason Brice, Silver Bullet Comics

Fade From Blue #7 gets 4 1/2 out of 5 stars from Jamie Tarquini,

(Jun. '03) "On a whim sometime last year I picked up FADE FROM BLUE #1 just because it was a dollar, and Iíll try just about any comic for a buck. Little did I know that I was going to completely love this book, and by the Eisner Nomination they received it looks like Iím not alone. There are tons of reasons for you to be reading this comic: the funny and witty dialogue, the stellar artwork, the $1.50 price tag, but the best reason of all is that this comic really does have something for everyone. So there really isnít a reason not to buy this book!"

-Jamie Tarquini,

Fade From Blue #7 gets a 8/10 from The Fourth Rail!

(Jun. 9, '03) "Murphy blends humor, heartbreak and anger together in different segments to give new and old readers alike a sense of Fade From Blue, and Dalrymple brings his "A" game as well. Dalrymple's art is always solid, but this issue might be the strongest one I have ever seen from him."

-Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail

Ninth Art spotlights Myatt and Scott in their BIG THINGS column!

(May 7, '03) "Today's small press spotlight falls on the creators of the acclaimed and Eisner-nominated FADE FROM BLUE, to find out how two regular guys have taken comics into their own hands."

-Ninth Art

Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple: Second to None according to Silver Bullet Comic Books!

(May 6, '03) "When Fade From Blue was first brought to my attention, it could probably be said that most comic book readers did not know much about this title. Flash-forward a couple of months and there's a fairly dramatic change in the status of Second 2 Some Studios. On top of a great deal of media coverage in the print and online press, the seriesí creative team of Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple have recently received an Eisner nomination for Talent Deserving of Wider Attention."

-Mike Jozic. Silver Bullet Comic Books

Christa's Guide gets 9 out of 10 on Sequential Tart!

(May 1, '03) "I've been lucky enough to see some of the upcoming FCBD comics and, honestly, this one blows a lot of them away."

-Jennifer M. Contino, Sequential Tart

Fade #6 earns high praise from one of our favorite reviewers!

(May 1, '03) "Are you paying attention? Do you wonder about this whole "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition" Eisner nomination? All I can say is the judges are damn right."

- Adrienne Rappaport, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #3 leaves an impression months after its release!

(May 1, '03) "Even though I started the issue with no idea of who the characters were, by the end I was drawn deep into their world and enthusiastic for more."

-Layla Lawlor, Sequential Tart

Fade #6 scores a 9 out of 10!

(May 1, '03) Fade from Blue is one of the best indie comics out there, and Fade from Blue #6 is undoubtedly their best issue yet. If you're not reading Fade from Blue, well... I feel sorry for you."

-Rebecca Henely, Sequential Tart

Fanboy Planet speaks highly of Christa's Manual!

(Apr. 28, 03) "It's easy to guarantee a free item. But writer Myatt Murphy and artist Scott Dalrymple really have taken an ambitious step."

-Derek McCaw, Fanboy Planet

Tim O' Shea from OrcaFresh gives Second 2 Some high marks for Christa's Guide!

(Apr. 28, '03) "Murphy and Dalrymple are funny and can deliver comics in a timely basis. Nowhere is it more evident in this introduction to comics..."

-Tim O' Shea, OrcaFresh


Christa's Guide gets high praise from the Fourth Rail!

(Apr. 28, '03) "Christa Shermot's How-To Manual was a pleasant surprise, celebrating the medium, spotlighting the industry's diversity and promoting its creators' efforts with an interesting degree of subtlety. If you're lucky enough to see a copy, grab it up. And then, be sure to share it with others."

-Don MacPherson, The Fourth Rail

Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple get nominated for an Eisner in "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition"

(Apr. 14, '03) Scott and Myatt respond to the Pulse on what it's like being nominated for an Eisner, considered to be the "Oscars" of the comic book industry.



(Apr. 14, '03) "The last time someone successfully combined interesting soap opera relationships with conspiracy crime and action, it was Terry Moore and the cult favorite Strangers in Paradise. Fade From Blue has plenty in common with SIP, including an appeal to women that is lacking in far too many comics today..."

-Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail

Movie Poop Shoot review Fade From Blue #1-5

(Mar. 26, '03) "This is a hell of a strong series. Murphy does a remarkable job with structure and pacing, the first issue in particular being worthy of study for how to introduce characters and get their stories rolling quickly, without confusing the reader. A strong, complex book, with romance, humor and even some credible police procedural, all for a buck-and-a-half. Go... get!"

-Chris Allen,

OrcaFresh Interview with Myatt Murphy

(Mar. 24, '03)  "Readers of a recent Stream of Babbling column will realize Iím late to jump on the Fade From Blue bandwagon. Iím loving this series, as evidenced by that column. Fortunately I recently caught up with writer Myatt Murphy and we were able to discuss this current series as well as other aspects of the Second 2 Some Studios work."

-Tim O'Shea, OrcaFresh

Fade From Blue #6 review from Paul Dale Roberts, Silver Bullet Comics

(Mar. 23, '03) "If you don't know about the suspense, twists and surprises to Fade from Blue, then check out their website and order some back issues! You want's all here in Fade from Blue!"

-Paul Dale Roberts, Silver Bullet Comics

Fade From Blue #5 from Wolfen Moondaughter, Sequential Tart

(Mar. 2003) "If not for being sent a promo of this issue, I probably never would have seen this series ó what a tragedy that would have been! This is a fine example of sequential storytelling, unique and fresh. The dialogue is clever, the characters quickly endearing."

-Wolfen Moondaughter, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #5 from Deanna Lytle, Sequential Tart

(Mar. 2003) "Right off the bat, I got the impression that they really cared about the book."

-Deanna Lytle, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #4 from Lee Atchison, Sequential Tart

(Mar. 1, 2003) "9 out of 10! These women, while fictional, experience what many of us do to one extent or another. This realism, this ability to create a sympathetic bond between reader and character, is what is so brilliant about this comic."

-Lee Atchison, Sequential Tart

OrcaFresh Review of Second 2 Some Studios

(Feb. 5, '03) "Finally on the ďhow could I miss these folksĒ tour is Second 2 Some Studios. In many circles, Iíve heard about the talents of writer Myatt Murphy and artist Scott Dalrymple. And fortunately I was able to recently get a hold of their major works."

-Tim O'Shea, OrcaFresh (scroll down to find Fade!)

Fade From Blue 1-4 Review from Jane Irwin, Creator of Vogelein

(Feb. '03)  "Murphy and Dalrymple have done a masterful job on this title, and are selling the first issue for only a dollar. A dollar. Subsequent issues are a dollar-fifty. No, those are not typoes. At thirty-two pages each, this is not only one of the best new series to come out of the gate in a long time, it's also one of the cheapest. Don't let Fade From Blue pass you by ó get started now before all the hype sets in."

-Jane Irwin, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #5 review from Adrienne Rappaport, Sequential Tart

(Feb. 1, '03) "There's not much else on the market for a $1.50 that is as rich and as full as Fade from Blue. So get the Tall instead of the Venti latte next time and do yourself a favor ó spend the money you save on checking out this comic instead."

-Adrienne Rappaport, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #4 review from Nicole Ramos, Sequential Tart

(Feb. 1, '03)  "This was actually my first experience of Fade From Blue, and I remember thinking about how very much this seemed to be my life; except without all the drama."

-Nicole Ramos, Sequential Tart

Far From Saints #1 review by Nicole Ramos, Sequential Tart

(Feb. 1, '03)  "I can't think of anything else that could follow this plot. I would still snatch up a copy immediately if I saw Far From Saints made into a series!"

-Nicole Ramos, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #5 from Silver Bullet Comics

(Feb. '03) "With this thrilling dramatic story you get an added bonus called: Celebrity Sex Counselor by Christa Shermot (the writer among her 3 sisters)! What she writes is hilarious! Who needs reality TV shows when you have Fade from Blue!"

-Paul Dale Roberts, Silver Bullet Comics


The Fourth Rail Review of Fade From Blue #5

(Jan. 29, '03) "Dalrymple's artwork makes the city and the characters come to life as much as Murphy's words, and all told Fade From Blue continues to be a great read."

-Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail

Far From Saints #1 review by Rebecca Salek, Sequential Tart

(Jan '03)  "Boy, was I in for a surprise. The good kind. What starts out as a seemingly typical true life comic quickly veers into Twilight Zone territory: time travel, the apocalypse, God, theology, theodicy, sex, self-sacrifice, unrequited love, fish and the IRS all make an appearance by the last page. It's a heck of a roller coaster trip"

-Rebecca Salek, Sequential Tart

Fade From Blue #5 review from ZENtertainment

(Jan. 24, '03)  "FADE FROM BLUE has a few things going for it. First Ė when is the last time you bought a comic for $1.50? As an independent title, itís quite a value Ė and the production quality doesnít appear any different from the majority of books out there. The authors are trying to make this an affordable title, and thatís cool."

-M. Mayuran Tiruchelvam, ZENtertainment

Fade From Blue #4 review from Rebecca Henely, Sequential Tart

(Jan. 1, '03)  "One thing that continues to impress me about Fade from Blue is the characters. I know this must be the third time I've yakked about them, but they truly are all great and believable. The conversations between the ever-cheerful and innocent Elisa and the witty and cynical Christa are probably the best parts of the comic. I also really feel for Iya in this issue and am interested in knowing if there's anything deeper to her sadness. Hopefully the next issue will give more clues."

-Rebecca Henely, Sequential Tart

Far From Saints gets a 9 out of 10 by The Fourth Rail!

(Jan. '03) "I love Fade From Blue, but after reading Far From Saints, I find myself wondering more about the other ideas that Murphy has rattling about in his head, because this was a neat idea and a whole lot of fun."

-Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail


Fade From Blue makes the Top Ten Comics of 2002!

(Jan. 2, '03) "It was a move only an Indy comic could have made. One single dollar was all it cost for the debut issue of a feature-length, black and white book about the lives of four half-sisters by two unknowns with minimal hype. From the creators' point of view, it was a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless."

-Rich Watson, Slush Factory

Savant review of Far From Saints #1

(Dec. 5, '02) "FAR FROM SAINTS is one of those ambitious stories that writers always conceive in their heads but can't quite make work as it pours out onto the page. Thankfully, Murphy succeeds where may writers wouldn't. The story focuses around a forgotten man who stumbles into (or is selected by God) a group of similarly forgotten individuals charged with protecting humanity and overseeing God's creation."

-Dave Potter, Savant