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We spend our lives searching for miracles, never realizing each of us is a miracle in itself. Long before your parents decide you look like a Marie or how much they’ve always wanted a Jack, you’re already born with a name. A distinct blueprint of who you truly are now and what you truly were then.

It is your 'given'.

Within each given sleeps a distinct ability, powers mankind was never meant to use...or ever know about. Within the folds of restless slumber, Casey O' Beirne unknowingly was the one chosen to strip away the keys to the gifts we all hide inside ourselves. She always believed she was just another ordinary seventeen-year-old from Cavan, Ireland. Until she woke up across the ocean over the crib of one child. A child understood to the Gods as just one word.

The Release.

One touch had returned some of the keys from her collection, sending them back to their rightful owners. Now, she must get them back before the world finds out. And put a stop to the innocent child responsible for a world that’s no longer right.


The characters