Somewhere in a remote part of New Mexico resides a tiny stationary store
with a backroom where time exists in many forms and the dregs of
humanity gather to save Mankind's future in the present. Welcome to God!
Now meet the players.

Dorian (last name...simply unnecessary!)

Fresh from the 'big city' (whatever that means!), he's the newest recruit and the biggest pain-in-the-ass to the backroom. He's ready to save the universe...if his new associates don't string him up first!


Sunday may mind the store, but there's more to this old goat than meets the eye. Who is he? What is his agenda? Why does he wear a hat that makes him look like he belongs on a Panama Jack product?

The Captain (a.k.a. Irwin)

God's number-one front man, he runs the back room and is next in line to sacrifice his life if he has to. A real softie at heart, call him by his real name and prepare to have your dental records pulled for identification.


Part-time pole dancer, full-time savior to Mankind. When she's not turning tricks, she's turning the rest of her backroom brethren into mush. Give her your respect and your fear.


Being second-in-line for the Captain's spot doesn't make God's favorite wise-ass any more respectful. He's quick with a joke or a light of your smoke. Oh wait, that's some other guy with musical talent. Cyd will just verbally rip you a new hole before dumping his ashtray down your pants.


The last man on Earth has more problems than you or I could ever possibly imagine. Like finding a working toilet in the middle of cosmic mayhem! What does he mean for the rest of us? Is he friend or foe? Did he flush? Read on, true believer!


As thick-headed as he is wide-shouldered, he's the angel who wouldn't hurt a fly (mostly because he couldn't see it without his Coke-bottle glasses.


Silent yet sinister, he's the Creator of all things both material and ethereal. He's the reason we exist and the one that decides what happens when we shed our mortal coil. He's...he's...c'mon man, he's a dog, for Christ's sake. He's only in the story for the "Awwwww! Isn't he cute?" effect. Stop trying to read into things that really aren't there!