Katherine "Casey" O’ Beirne had spent the balance of her seventeen years with eyes closed to what she was. And wide-awake for everything else.

She had never understood the meaning of "a good night’s sleep". Her customary forty winks invariably turned into forty glances at a nightstand clock, its hands locked in familiar positions. Not much different from the last time she looked. Or the time before that. Hands that never seemed to move fast enough…for as long as she could remember.

She had traveled to worldly places within an instant of slumber and without a moment of recollection, thanks to an unexplained phenomenon known as the "fade" that would move her from place to place. She was a tiny frame of purity, disguising her intentions with barefoot innocence and tear-moist cheeks.

She was there that evening to kill Brenden Wynne’s son.

And he welcomed her right in.

She was the truth.

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